History of Omaha Wilbert Vaults

Omaha Wilbert Vault was originally founded in 1976 by Jack Roland of Roland-Wilbert in Marion, IA.  In 1999, Mr. Roland sold this businesss to his employee and friend, Buck Elmore.  Today, Omaha Wilbert is owned and managed by Buck's son and daughter, Jason Elmore and Kelli Nobiling.

Jason serves as President of the company managing production and delivery.  Kelli serves as Vice President and is responsible for office management and marketing for the business.  Employing 16 people, Omaha Wilbert consists of a burial vault manufacturing plant and three crematories.

Omaha Wilbert is certified by the National Concrete Burial Vault Association (NCBVA).  Dave Brugger with NCBVA stated that "The Omaha Wilbert plant is spotless and well cared-for."


Elmore crematory installed its first machine in 1983. We now have 3 crematories which allow our customers to pick up the remains the next morning, except on Sunday. The crematory services all the same counties as we do with vaults.

Paws & Remember of Nebraska

In addition, to owning and managing the Omaha Wilbert Vualt business, Jason and Kelli purchased the Paws & Remember of Nebraska pet cremation franchise in 2008.  Paws & Remeber of Nebraska serves as a key partner to veterinarians in Nebraska.  They strive to provide grieving families with the support they need after the loss of a pet.

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Areas Served

Omaha Wilbert offers Wilbert burial vaults and cremation urns to 7 counties in Iowa and 9 counties in Nebraska.

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Set Up

Omaha Wilbert Vault provides the Wilbert Way (WW) set up for burial vaults which includes a tent, grass, and chairs and consists of an above ground seal and a lowering device, also known as The Wilbert Way Lowering Device.


Nameplates give burial vaults a personalized touch. They are a standard feature of Continental vaults and above. For an extra charge, nameplates can be added to the Salute and Monticello burial vaults. The nameplate includes the name of the deceased and the birth and death dates.


Omaha Wilbert Vault provides disinterment services if it becomes necessary to move a vault from one location to another. We handle everything from locating the vault to relocating the vault to a new location.

Vault Transfer

Vault Transfer is a service available between Wilbert licensees and dealers. Omaha Wilbert Vault uses the vault transfer service when a burial request has been made outside of the licensee territory. The location of the cemetery is needed to determine the appropriate Wilbert licensee or dealer. Since the services offered by each Wilbert licensee vary, the licensee work together on a per burial basis to determine the services, such as tents, grass, chairs, and grave digging, that each licensee will provide for the burial.

First Responders

When a hero falls, Wilbert is there.

Our “Commemorating First Responders” program provides families of firefighters, law enforcement officers and emergency medical personnel who have died in the line of duty with a tribute worthy of their valor and sacrifice.

At no charge to the family, Wilbert and our licensees donate a customized Wilbert Stainless Steel Triune® burial vault. If the choice is cremation, we offer a selection of four urns, as well as a Stainless Steel Triune urn vault for memorial tribute. If permitted, a WilbertWay® graveside service may also be included.

Join us as we help families honor heroic lives, sacrificed in valiant service to neighbor and community.

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